GTU UFM Rules and Latest Circular

GTU UFM Rules and Latest Circular

gtu ufm

gtu ufm -The Gujarat Technological University (GTU) has strict rules and regulations in place to prevent students from engaging in exam copy cases. Exam copy cases refer to instances where students are caught copying answers from classmates, using unauthorized materials during exams, or engaging in other forms of misconduct.

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According to the GTU’s rules, students who are caught engaging in exam copy cases will face severe consequences. The punishment for exam copy cases can range from cancellation of the exam, reduction in marks, suspension, and even expulsion from the university. This is to ensure that students who engage in exam copy cases are held accountable for their actions and that academic integrity is maintained.

In order to prevent exam copy cases, the GTU has a number of measures in place. For example, invigilators are instructed to keep a close watch on students during exams and to take prompt action if they suspect any misconduct. Additionally, the GTU uses proctoring software to monitor students during online exams and to detect instances of cheating.

It is important for students to understand the seriousness of engaging in exam copy cases and the consequences they may face. Students who engage in exam copy cases not only compromise the integrity of their own work but also damage the reputation of the university and their fellow students.

In conclusion, the GTU takes a strong stance on exam copy cases and has implemented measures to prevent them. Students are encouraged to be honest in their exams and to follow the rules and regulations set forth by the university. Remember, academic integrity is key to a successful and fulfilling university experience.

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